At DogZone You Wash. You Dry. We Clean up.

Our DIY Dog Wash facility has 7 self contained custom built washbays which include a specialist dog bath, thermostatically controlled trigger shower heads and a large drying area to give privacy to the client and avoid distractions for the dogs and create a calming homely environment.

Custom height baths
saves having to bent over when washing your dog.

Dog harness
allows you to have both hands free and stops them jumping out.

No blocked plug holes
from masses of dog hair when they are washed in the family bath.

We clean up
so you don't have to spend lots of extra time cleaning.

No more Lifting
as they can walk into our baths themselves.

Blow Dry next to bath
so you can lead your dog from the bath to the drying table.

At DogZone, You Wash, You Dry, We Clean up.
The voiceover script for this video is at the bottom of this page.

DogZone is the cheap and hassle free way to wash your dog. We are dog owners and have set up DogZone on the basis of fixing all the problems we encountered when washing our dogs. We hope to see you soon at DogZone. The response from dog owners who have used us up to now has been really positive. See the video with one of our customers who uses DogZone.

At DogZone the dogs love getting dried with our blaster
All nice and shiny after the blaster gets rid of excess dog hair.

At DogZone even the big dogs can get themselves into the bath
At DogZone, dogs can help themselves into the special dog baths.

DogZone opening hours

There is Parking available within the Industrial Estate.

The video voiceover script is below for those hard of hearing:-
Dogs love running around outside in all types of weather. They are not put off by rain, sleet or snow. They are happy to run through the mud all day long, leaving their owners with the dreaded clean-up afterwards.

Welcome to Dogzone Stirling where the clean up becomes a pleasure. And a time to bond with your dog.

DogZone are a family of dog owners who have come across a few problems when cleaning their dogs in their home, so decided to do something about it. DogZone is Scotland’s first dedicated “Do It Yourself” dog wash facility located in the shadow of Stirling Castle.

The custom built facility has 7 self contained wash bays which include a specialist dog bath, a thermostatically controlled trigger shower head, a large drying area and a calming  environment that your dogs will enjoy.

DogZone cater for all shapes and sizes of dogs with specially designed bays. It is also the perfect opportunity to blow off their winter coat and cut down the contstant hoovering in the house.

DogZone supply a range of organic shampoos and conditioners available for purchase or you can bring your own. We only use organic Shampoos and Conditoners to give the best possible results.

At DogZone  YOU WASH , YOU DRY and WE CLEAN UP THE MESS left behind, leaving all the stress of the clean up after doggy bath time to DogZone.

So to take the stress out of your dogs bath time, come to DogZone Stirling.

DogZone Stirling, 9 Back O'Hill Road Industrial Estate, Stirling, FK8 1SH. Telephone: 01786 475232