• View of Stirling city centre from the train station. Read about Stirling's history on our timeline and find out more about Stirling.co.uk below.

Stirling Internet Ltd has funded the re-development of Stirling.co.uk to enable the aims, objectives and ethos to be achieved.

The full service is totally FREE to all community groups and registered charities.

A FREE standard business entry to businesses in the Stirling area. Eg stirling.co.uk/stirlinginternet/

A Fee of £25 (6 months) for a fully comprehensive entry. Eg stirling.co.uk/forthguesthouse/.
This fee is to fund the business model, itemised below.

All businesses can freely claim their customized entry and Website address at any time.


Use of Stirling.co.uk Revenue

The revenue generated from enhanced paid listings will be used to cover the following costs.

50% Marketing and Promotion of Stirling.co.uk through all channels available.
20% Ongoing generation of new, interesting and relevant content about the whole Stirling area.
10% Management costs.
10% Ongoing upgrades to the website to keep up with advances in digital technology.
10% Net Profit, an important aspect of the business model for long term sustainability. 

Cost to your business:- £25.00

£12.50 Marketing and Promotion of Stirling.co.uk.
£5.00   Ongoing generation of new website content.
£2.50   Management costs.
£2.50   Ongoing website upgrades.
£2.50   Net Profit.

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